Strategic Objectives

  • Putting people first
  • Our philosophy and conviction will be premised on the fact that the people and Communities will be priority to everything we do.
  • We believe that as game changers, we sit with a responsibility to make a difference in people lives. This will include and not limited to;
    • Moral regeneration to ensure a well balanced approach towards national challenges
    • Social transformation for social cohesion and better living circumstances
    • Economic transformation to ensure fair participation and sustainability at all levels of Society
    • Skills revolution in order to respond to the 4th Industrial challenges of the day
  • Redefining Leadership from a consumption and corruption mode to a proactive and ethical modus operandi
  • Education and empowerment of society to ensure relevant skills development with the view to inclusive economy and growth.
  • Separation of power to ensure justice and fairness in communities and government system.

Our Strategic Views

We are of the view that there is a need for an integrated approach towards service delivery to achieve effectiveness and efficient resource utilization. The following are areas of interest for us:

Leadership Redefinition

Power has to be reclaimed by ordinary people the citizen of this country and ensure that leader do account.

The New Economy Direction

We forsee a South African that is driven by the three strategic pillars which can be made up by a number of sub pillars or components centered around people's centric service delivery.